Storage as a Service (SaaS)

Storage as a Service servers are perfect for those who want an affordable and reliable storage solution.

Storage Overview

Storage as a Service allows you to connect multiple servers to a dedicated storage server within your cloud location. SaaS data is stored on redundant hard drives which are setup with RAID10 ZFS to ensure your data is never lost and is always accessible, even if one of your hard drives fails.

You'll never outgrow your SaaS server because you can increase your storage capacity as you need it, which is why we recommend starting with our lowest plan and scaling up when you need more storage. We support a wide range of files and block storage protocols such as NFS, CIFS, iSCSI and FTP.

SaaS Features:
  • Backup your cloud data external to the cloud environment.
  • Shared NFS SaaS Drives accross multiple cloud servers.
  • Replicate your data offsite to another PoP for security.
  • Online archive/disaster recovery
  • An ideal storage solution for sensitive data.

Storage Pricing

Connect up at 1Gb/s from your cloud server to our SaaS hardware.
Each SaaS node is connected at 10Gb/s to the customer network.

Storage Uplink Price /month Sign Up
25 GB 1 Gbit $2.50 ORDER
50 GB 1 Gbit $5.00 ORDER
100 GB 1 Gbit $10.00 ORDER
200 GB 1 Gbit $20.00 ORDER
500 GB 1 Gbit $50.00 ORDER
1000 GB 1 Gbit $100.00 ORDER

Offsite SaaS replication is available Melbourne and Sydney Cloud PoPs
or any Intellipath Connected Locations

Storage Uplink Price /month Sign Up
25 GB 1 Gbit $22.50 ORDER
50 GB 1 Gbit $25.00 ORDER
100 GB 1 GBit $30.00 ORDER
200 GB 1 GBit $40.00 ORDER
500 GB 1 GBit $70.00 ORDER
1000 GB 1 GBit $120.00 ORDER

Note : Pricing excludes additional connection costs for Intellipath connectivity where applicable.